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Alexandra is a very committed and enthusiastic teacher. She seemed intrinsically

be interested in all the participants experiences. Besides that she is patient and calm,

asks good questions and creates an open atmosphere. I recommend her powerful

and useful lessons to everyone.



Alexandra’s approach is very pleasant and down to earth. Thanks to her lessons I realise that regular mindfulness practice is important for your well-being.



As Alexandra comes from the business world, she has the perfect experience to design mindfulness programs to meet both the business and the individual employees goals.

I have found the tips and exercises to be invaluable both in mindful decision making and indeed in just about every walk of life. I would be glad to recommend Alexandra’s mindfulness coaching to any company.



Alexandra teaches Mindfulness using a very down to earth perspective: keep practising, if you want the gain! At the same time, a great listener and communicator. Alexandra shares perspectives that always resonate with the class. I definitely recommend her as a Mindfulness trainer!                                 



Alexandra is very dedicated and involved teacher. Through a good combination of theory and practice you learn a lot. Besides that Alexandra has great knowledge and background information supporting you in your process of adapting mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. It is not only taught how to become mindful, but also why. This is generates extra value.



Mindfulness has become a essential daily tool to me. I have experience Alexandra as an insightful teacher, a great listener, very practical and I highly appreciate her systematic approach. Nice add on: She has a very nice, calming voice ;-) and she uses her accent as an extra investigation tool for mindfulness insights. Very smart! Well, you will see what I mean.



I have experiences Alexandra as a very passionate and also patient mindfulness trainer.

She provides an arrange of knowledge, tools as well as method’s which simply fit to someones life and individual background.  I really like that she carefully dig deeper and let people investigate the question behind the question. It has helped me, in increasing selfcare and gaining back my energy. Besides that she  has a charming German accent and voice which supports the meditations practices.



Alexandra is a calm and passionate teacher. She quickly creates an open save atmosphere in a group. Nothing can be done wrong, every insight -no matter if good or bad- everything is valuable. Although there have so many different personalities in our group, it just felt save sharing each other’s stories. I have learned a lot. 



Alexandra has a very calming voice, agreat personality and warmth. It's impressive how she manages the class, especially with the group dynamics and different personalities and even finding a way to take care of erveryone.


[Senior Trainer Mindfulness] 


Alexandra (German) teaches Mindfulnes since 2014. She is a VMBN registered Mindfulness trainer, certified in the category 1. This is the highest certification category for teachers to gain and it is a relevant requirement for health insurances for reimbursing parts of the course fee.

Alexandra is an expert in stressmanagement & personal efficiency.

She performes approximatey 15 trainings per year (in Dutch and English language), which means she works with up to 200 individuals from various levels of professional and cultural background, in-company trainings as well as at her home base at the Mindfulness Centrum Haarlem.

Given her international business background (business economics and communications) she is regularly invited as guest speaker in companies, forums, events etc. on stress topics or work life balance.

Her passion are themes related to the brein & behavior, mind trainings, focus & concentration, triggers drivers and reactions, as well as health themes around food & nutritions and sleep.
Besides that she is highly interested in breathing techniques for improving oxygen supply & energy improvements as well as reducing muscle tension while increasing relaxtion. 

Given my former profession as a marketing & communications manager you can expect a down-to-earth and structured approach in my trainings. I still have the habit of using project management structures or flow charts. On the same time I've learned that it simply works for a better understanding for my students .

Besides that I always try to offer a mixture of interactive discussion, exercises, theoretical content –all with a sense of humour.”



If you have questions, just drop me

an e-mail of simply call. 

Phone: 06-10 25 0077

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